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3/23 - Minecraft at PAX East

4/7 - Minecraft with Creatabot 

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New Videos Weekly
Wednesday, 02 July 2008 16:00
FRESH chip videos served up every week!
Every Monday 2PP will be adding a new chip video to the website. Promise!

Bit Shifter
We're going to be kicking off this new commitment to a crushing workload with a brand new Blip 2007 Video featuring Bit Shifter!

Be sure to stop back every week for new videos from Blip 2007 and the monthly Pulsewave events in NYC, plus whatever else we can slap together.

Plenty more site updates will be coming as well, like expanded content for "Reformat the Planet", updated crew info and blogs, as well as instructions on how you too can become part of the global chip music movement.