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2 Player Productions at PAX Prime 2010
Thursday, 02 September 2010 08:18

This September marks the return of the annual Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. Most of the 2 Player crew will be attending PAX again this year, minus Asif, who will be living his own “Lost in Translation” style adventure in Japan for Blip Festival Tokyo. We wish him well on his mystical journey to the East.

Once again we can be found manning our booth in the Bandland area, serving fresh copies of the Reformat the Planet DVD, hot off the press. The good people of Fangamer will also be in attendance on the show floor itself, with many of the beautiful objects featured on their online store available for sale in person.

Those of you hungry for more low bit paraphernalia will be pleased to find Adam from Attract Mode and Matt from Fort90 stocking our booth with a selection of fine shirts, zines, music, and other goods of a squarish nature.

On Stage

Aside from offering a number of unique products to the adventurous consumer, we’ll also be found hosting a few events taking place in the regular PAX programming. Come see us on Friday at 5 pm in the Serpent Theater for a special screening of an episode from “Penny Arcade The Series,” followed by an open Q&A with our crew!

Following that, we’ll be hosting a screening of the entire Penny Arcade web series spanning two nights. The screening is on Friday from 10 pm to 11 pm in the Raven Theater and 10pm to 11pm on Saturday also in the Raven Theater. Catch up on Mike and Jerry’s hilarious office antics in a way you never have before -- in a room full of excited fans!

We’ll see you at PAX Prime, and please feel free to stop by the booth and say hi. Just don’t ask us about the joke...