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Mojang Studios Documentary
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 02:40


A special thanks to everyone for the warm reception to the announcement of our Minecraft project this weekend.  The Doc is in post production right now and we're aiming to release it for free sometime in February (a valentines gift to Mojang?).

Expect the doc to ultimately be twenty minutes in length and depending on the reception when we release, we may return to Mojang in Stockholm to continue expanding on it. The story of Mojang studios has only just begun, and there are still aspects of the studio that could be explored.  The content we have now takes place during the first week of the studios formation, which is something rarely captured on film and we're grateful to Mojang for giving us permission to be there.

That's all the information we can release for now, thanks again to everyone for being so excited about the doc!  It's a real thrill for us to be working on it.  Mojang is an incredible team of brilliant people, and i'm sure we'll be enjoying excellent games from them for a long time to come.