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New Dataport Videos
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 19:30


Back in the early days of 2 Player Productions (circa 2007), our bread and butter was producing videos from live chip music performances.  We probably made about a hundred of them, with a good portion collected on the Blip Festival 2006 and 2007 dvd releases.  We don't have the time to work with the chip scene like we use to since we moved away from the east coast and took on other projects, but we're still trying to keep the spirit alive by hosting our own bi-monthly chip shows here in Portland.

This month we're featuring two pillars of the Philly chip scene, Animal Style and Cheap Dinosaurs, who will be supported by Oregon native Dakota Clark.  Just In case you missed our previous show, we now have some videos up for Bud Melvin and Covox.

Bud Melvin Live at Dataport


Covox Live at Dataport