Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) 2009

After attending PAX 2008 to screen an early cut of Reformat the Planet, 2 Player Productions returned home to the east coast in awe of the scale of the sprawling event. Curious about video documentation from previous years of the expo, we purchased and went through some of the earlier commemorative DVDs. The decision to pitch ourselves to Penny Arcade as a potential production crew for the PAX ‘09 DVD was almost immediate.

Considering the years we had spent cutting our teeth on live music events like the annual Blip Festival in New York and our dedication to representing game culture honorably, the project seemed like a natural fit. Apparently Penny Arcade thought so too.

PAX 2009 DVD

The finished product ended up eclipsing the expectations of everyone involved and a new bond was forged between the two companies. It was footage from this event that would eventually go on to become the celebrated pilot episode of our next collaboration, Penny Arcade: The Series.

Without a doubt, the PAX 09 DVD set stands as 2 Player Productions’ largest single project to date. Six discs featuring over ten hours of collective footage.

What where we thinking?

The 2009 PAX DVD set features:

- The keynote address with Ron Gilbert

- Panels with Penny Arcade including the Q&A with Gabe & Tycho and the Drawing the Comic panel

- The Wil Wheaton Awesome Hour

- Digitally remastered, full-length* concert performances by
  • MC Frontalot
  • Anamanaguchi
  • Metroid Metal
  • Paul and Storm
  • Jonathan Coulton
  • Freezepop
*covers of copy-written material by other artists are excluded.

- The entire pilot episode of Penny Arcade: The Series with an additional commentary track by Tycho and Gabe.

- Two complete documentaries by 2 Player Productions (Omegathon 2009 and The PAX Experience).

- Photo galleries of PAX activities, festivities, and attendees.

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Concert Preview Clips: